How to Play "More Than Words" by Extreme Part 1 – Guitar Lesson – Tutorial

How to Play "More Than Words" by Extreme Part 1 - Guitar Lesson - Tutorial

Learn to play Extreme’s More Than Words!

Click here for part 2:

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  1. Hey Marty would you be able to upload some tutorials of Robert Johnsons music would absolutely love to learn some

  2. Sayin' I love this, is not enough.

  3. Sublime!

  4. May the Schwartz be with you…

  5. Brilliant love the groove

  6. @3:15 "and the beetles…" oh fuck this is extreme "oh actually you know what theres.." lmao

  7. There's nobody, as in….nobody… more committed to spreading music and guitar skills, than Marty Schwartz. He's number one in most people's books. And by the way, he doesn't care about money, but the people supplying him with food, clothing, electricity, etc., they do care about it. So everyone do what you can…

  8. Thanks. Now i can finally get laid.

  9. Jennis Singla Medventures

    3:50 has a beautifully slowed down version!

  10. I wish the last chords were more explained :/ but the first 95% were great help btw 🙂

  11. Hey marty great stuf couls you trie too learn is summer vine it is a great song thanks a bunch

  12. A 3 year old video that still makes an impact on the YouTube community, I love it. You've helped me learn a lot in the past year and i couldn't be more thankful! Thanks again Marty, keep up the good work!

  13. You are such a great teacher. Thank you

  14. I still dont get it, Pls cut it into different parts

  15. O:o1000

  16. Has someone perfected playing this song just by watching this tutorial?

  17. alot of people dont know what e minor or a minor chords are so a diagram or at least saying which finger goes on which string when introducing chords would help

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