How to play My Sweet Lord by George Harrison (Acoustic Guitar Lesson SB-119)

In this guitar lessons we’re going to learn to play My Sweet Lord by George Harrison, a fabulous song, revolutionary at the time calling for an end to sectarian religious views, mixing christian and hindu prayer phrases.

* NOTE – this song has been removed from the Acoustic Songbook, because of problems with his publisher 🙁

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  1. Fakhry A. Mostafa

    Great lesson boss !

  2. Forehand Anhyzer

    odd fingering of A chord. any reason you play it that way?

  3. Don Diego Vega

    Nice voice!

  4. TheMegaMysticalMan

    Anyone know the name of his guitar?!

  5. hubdubite burleson

    sometimes I just like to watch Justin play! I'm learning and laughing at the same time!! lol! Thanks Justin!

  6. Jorge I think your talking about the F sharp diminished followed by a b7

  7. You are the Best

  8. i couldn't hear very well what's the name of that chord after D in 2:28, what's the name of that chord?

  9. conf jornic Jornic

    muito bom amigo

  10. love it

  11. Fernando Tourinho Franco

    Great Songs!!!
    From Brazilian…

  12. Deric McLean (Up From The Ashes)

    Finally, someone who give you the key change!!! Awesome job as always Justin!

  13. Nicholas Moffa

    Justin, man, you are just great. Thanks for this and all your videos, Nick

  14. Sergio Gabriel Bustos

    Great tutorial chap. Thanks. Loved that bridge.

  15. Robert Pacheco

    honestly that's a stupid cap you wear I'm glad my sister told me not to wear one

  16. Luís Fernando Matos Nogueira

    very very good. Congratulations

  17. Super

  18. Justin, thank you for all your work, and talented explanation. Your presentation style can't be beat!

  19. Thanks for this one, it has some fancy chords that i was struggling to find by ear. Slide will be a piece of cake, like a walk on cloud nine

  20. William D Becker

    Thanks..very thorough, but easy to follow

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