How To Play – Neil Young – Heart Of Gold – EASY – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How To Play - Neil Young - Heart Of Gold - EASY - Acoustic Guitar Lesson

How To Play – Neil Young – Heart Of Gold – EASY – Acoustic Guitar Lesson Brett Papa papastache papastachepop papastache102
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  1. Thanks man you made this easy,I tried to learn it from your Bro. Marty, but he was Stoned off his Ass.Check it out.You will Laugh your ass off. LOL

  2. Is that an OM sized guitar? Also, great lesson.

  3. do you read sheet music

  4. Hi Brett ! Thanks bud, that was a big help, one of the best lessons for this great song. Cheers Roj UK

  5. You rock so much. Your channel is AWESOME! Keep it up, please!

  6. Thanks for making this guy's it helps a lot 

  7. What do you mean you mute the first chords? Or how do you play a muted chord? mine sounds nothing like it. lol

  8. you mean oldie but goldie :/ lol 

  9. Gtantman Hemenway

    Way to pull us simple students along without being too slow. Thanks for your time.

  10. you're the man Papa, convinced my dad to buy a harmonica so we could play this song together and ended up playing it as a duet someone's wedding. big fan of your work!

  11. Fantastic explanation about how to strum the verse (strum only base strings for first 2 beats, then strum the entire chord for 2nd half of the measure) is awesome.  That really helped me.  I need more practice, but you can kinda sorta tell what song I'm playing now :-)

  12. Awesome lesson for beginners or slightly advanced players. Just subscribed and loving your stuff. Thanks so much for sharing!

  13. Love this video…one of the best I've seen… Just got a harmonic I'm having fun!!

  14. Thanks man!! Everything I can learn is a help!!

  15. I like playing a dsus2 in the intro. Easier to switch chords plus it fits the tone.

  16. Christine Rea (The Guitar Strap Lady)

    Instead of Neil's "Helpless" how about "Only Love Can Break Your heart".  :-)

  17. Christine Rea (The Guitar Strap Lady)

    I would love to learn Neil Young's "Helpless" and Bon Jovi's "Bed of Roses".  Thank you.  You have me excited about playing the guitar!

  18. Christine Rea (The Guitar Strap Lady)

    I am just a beginning guitarist but I am going to learn what you are doing anyway.  I wish I could have you in my living room though.  My teacher Skypes me from England but I still love it.  He is trading me lessons for one of my hand-beaded guitar straps.  I have Neil Young on the brain as I am reading his biography right now.  He seemed to have known my musician cousin, David Rea, very well and they hung out a lot and were life long friends.  I am researching to do a biography on my cousin who passed away 3 years ago.  I hope Neil comes through with some stories.  Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

    Christine Rea
    The Guitar Strap Lady

  19. U look like and somewhat talk like Matthew McConaughey in this one. o.O

  20. What guitar is that? :I

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