How To Play NIB Black Sabbath Bass Guitar Lesson

How To Play NIB Black Sabbath Bass Guitar Lesson

Learn how to play NIB by Black Sabbath in this Bass Guitar lesson from Center Stage Bass Academy. Instructor Ashley Shepherd will take you through all the parts of this classic tune and give you an approach to the improvised intro section.
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  1. best attitude towards educating ability as opposed to just parrotsheeping

  2. I like the camera angle you use on the fret board. Much better to see whats going on..

  3. m/ from Belgium!!! Thanks for this lesson!!!!

  4. Thank you so much.

  5. awesome thanks!

  6. redrooster19701

    sweet leaf !

  7. redrooster19701

    Can you show me black sabbath snownblind please. i need learn it fast

  8. Dude those strings look crazy on the right hand side.. I'm trippin out man!!!!!! 

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