How to play Nigerian gospel praise songs on the bass guitar

This is a simple way to know how to improvise your own bass lines to play praise songs perfectly on the bass guitar

Check out this blog post for better understanding
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  1. thanks bro, really cool and simple tutorial

  2. Pls u done well but please I need makossa bass line for praise and walking bass tutorial from you
    Up Michelle phills

  3. Nice video, my question is hw do u kW d right progression to play in a particular song?

  4. Thx so much bro god bless you also where can I get a good bass guitar

  5. More videos sir. Thanks for the easy tutorial

  6. emil me

  7. can i have your cantact

  8. Ose You done win-O.

  9. Great lessons

  10. Yo bro. How do I contact you. You need to be blessed for blessing us.

  11. Thank you is just too unfair for all of these, but its all i can say anyways. All your lessons are always useful and helpful. What especially makes your lessons UNIQUE is the simplicity and illustration. You are making me a better bassist. God bless you.

  12. you are a good teacher . but you need to go a little slow. we need more

  13. Anthony Ebenezer

    Hi Michael, love your lessons but am a bit confuse when you said the chord of fah is fah lah doh. May i know in which key you are referencing to, are you referring to F major triad or chord


    Great boss well done

  15. Master, you are too much…. What is the progression of Makossa, the one used in awilo logomba.. I wish i can buy your fingers and put them in my own… You are talented… waiting to see your reply..

  16. Edward Agbeko Atitsogbui

    Good one there bro… Keep the good work up… This is very helpful some some beginners like me

  17. nice one

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