How to Play Night Moves on Acoustic Guitar – Bob Seger Guitar Lesson

How to Play Night Moves on Acoustic Guitar – Bob Seger Guitar Lesson
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Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band are an iconic part of the 70s. After the breakout success of their seminal live album Live Bullet came the album Night Moves. The title track from that album, along with many others to follow over the next decades, Bob Seger brought his killer Midwestern rock and roll to the forefront of the music scene. In this lesson from Guitar Control, Jon MacLennan shows you how to play Night Moves on guitar. This is a great lesson for an awesome song that you will be able to learn to play quickly. Bob Seger is an iconic part of the rock and roll landscape, and Night Moves, about the passage of time, is one of his best and most well known songs.

The Night Moves chords are basic chords with a big sound. When you learn how to play Night Moves, you can learn it without the capo, but in this video lesson Jon shows you how to play it with a capo. He breaks the whole song down for you in all its wonderful glory, including the verses, bridge, chorus, and the little nuances that really give Night Moves some personality. You learn how to play Bob Seger Night Moves chords and the little fills that drive the song. You also learn the Night Moves chords strum pattern that really forms the foundation of the groove of the song. The chords to Night Moves are so easy to learn, you can check out this Night Moves guitar lesson and be playing Night Moves on guitar in no time.

If you’re a fan of Bob Seger or a fan of meat and potatoes rock and roll, Bob Seger Night Moves is a great song to learn and one that you can play wherever you are. Learn how to play Night Moves and you will always have an audience willing to sing along while you play Night Moves. This is a familiar song with an easy strum pattern and an awesome acoustic guitar groove that never fails to satisfy. Learn how to play Bob Seger Night Moves on guitar with this easy Guitar Control lesson.

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  1. Thanks for posting. Wonderful that you worked through the entire tune. Would have been great if you worked through the &3&4 G/B (Cmaj7) to C to D to G to G7 walk up from the break down Em that starts the bridge. Also It's a Cmaj7 in the bridge…I can hear the B on the top of the chord. Also C to Cmaj7 for the last time through the Em to C part in the breakdown section. Again thanks…helped me affirm I had figured out the right chords. Wonder if they rehearsed the starts and stops between the vocals, bass and guitar in the breakdown section or just went with feel…there's no discernable tempo in that section but the meter is consistent between the front end and back end of the song which tells me the Muscle Shoals drummer and all the other players had great time or they turned the click track back on.

  2. Close, but no cigar!

  3. Someone should teach you how to play it the right way.

  4. wrong

  5. Did you ever get to feel laura san giacomo's tits in just shoot me?….lol

  6. I'm like what?!? David Spade is doing guitar lessons?

    Enjoyed the video.

  7. dude: enjoy your videos. such a good vibe and instruction.

  8. bad angle, cant see fretting hand.

  9. man that intro sounded nothing like night moves

  10. Dude, hate to say it but the strumming is all wrong.
    Just saying.

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