How to Play “No Good” By Kaleo on Guitar – Guitar Lesson

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Hey guys Marty here from my home “MartyMusic”! I’ve had a lot of requests for this Kaleo tune “No Good” and I must say it’s nice to see young guys playing bluesy rock! Even if you don’t know the song, you’ll learn some great blues rock style stuff! Thanks again for watching!

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  2. Thank you Marty. Thank you for being the legend that you are. So many great tutorials to enable me to play so many great songs. You never fail. Much love brother. keep being you !!!!

  3. Greysonmusic Official

    Amp settings ?

  4. Warning:_Extremely_Acidic.

    At 7:12 what’s the strumming pattern for the E power cord?

  5. The second part of the riff, the higher notes, I assume it's the same thing, but an octave or two higher?

  6. im sorry but this video aint good

  7. god i need a e guitar. learning this on a acoustic guitar is a hell of quest. but its worth it, that song is just pure blues rock! thx marty for the tutorial.

  8. Funny.. I would've expected this to be played with a slide

  9. vitor hugo caetano

    Algum BR pra representar?

  10. The crew 2

  11. FanaticalTactician

    It feels like I have to break my finger to pull off the power chords at the start

  12. 18:38 here you can play the whole peace along!

  13. Please do Flawless by. Dorothy

  14. this song is so badass

  15. Can you do broken bones by Kaleo

  16. One of my favourite lessons by you. No Good is, in my opinion, the best rock song of the past 25 years.

  17. Broken bones by kaleo pls

  18. More videos on this band , much appreciated sir. Marty make my wildest dreams true .

  19. Can you do Save yourself also by kaleo?

  20. Finally i can play this 😀

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