how to play “No Matter What” on guitar by Badfinger | electric guitar lesson tutorial | LESSON

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For more information on this lesson go here:–electric-rhythm.html

An electric guitar lesson on how to play “No Matter What” by Badfinger from the “No Dice” album released in 1970.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–electric-rhythm.html

  2. Thanks. Are you resting your palm on the bridge of your guitar when you are picking the arpeggios?

  3. Very, very good!

  4. olddogg eleventy2

    Not enough praise or recognition for Badfinger, a truly great band. They were awesome live too. They were the real deal.

  5. Andrie Alinsangao

    You forgot "Without You"!

  6. Fantastic. I was familiar with the chords to this song, but that arppegiated part had always confounded me. thank you.

  7. you nailed it. thanks for posting

  8. I think you mean George Harrison led the charge. Great song, great band, great lesson, thank you!

  9. Can you do a Solsbury Hill tutorial? I have all the chords but can't figure out what the finger picking is. I would really appreciate it!

  10. Such a great tune from one of the greatest pop bands, with possibly the most tragic history, in all of contemporary pop music. "Day After Day" is easily in the top 10 pop rock songs ever, one that everyone I know sings along with when it comes over the air and internet waves. Great lesson! Going to learn this one to busk with as a tribute to Badfinger. Mahalos!

  11. Mega tutorial man! Thanks a lot

  12. Marcio Martins

    Hi, I don't know if you've seen it or if it is just me but your video of hotel california – intro doesn't work anymore. It shows me that UMPI blocked it on copyright grounds. I've been learning that intro for a while and can't continue practicing it if you could take a lot and see if there is something wrong I'd be grateful. Thanks

  13. Tommy Sargeant

    You know what's so great about your videos? You're not only a fantastic guitar player and teacher but it's the very calm tone of your voice people don't realize how much of a difference that makes

  14. Conrad Grayson

    Hey man can you teach a lesson on the “May this be love” solo by jimi

  15. Wilde Erdbeeren

    can u make a lesson on solitary man (johnny cash version) ? 🙂

  16. Stanley Culler

    Fantastic video! Dan, I've recently been listening (obsessively, much to the dismay of my wife) to XTC's "BBC Radio 1, Live in Concert" disc which, besides simply being an utterly astounding performance, is absolutely loaded with a myriad of brilliant guitar tones. It got me thinking that it would be fantastic to see you guys do a show where you focused on the effects used over the course of a single album. A lot to ask, I know, but I can't imagine anyone who could do it better. Thank you both, so much, for all of the work you do.

  17. Andy, that little Bm riff thing sounds almost like some of parts of the Beatles "If I Needed Someone" Yes ?

  18. Alibek Turebekov

    can you please do fare thee well from inside llewyn davis in fingerstyle

  19. Kristofer McCracken

    Great tutorial, as always! Any way you could teach us Letting Go by Paul McCartney & Wings?

  20. Another cool song to learn, thanks Andy ! Awesome lesson as usual. and the behind the music facts are great too.

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