How to Play "No Rain" by Blind Melon on Guitar – Easy Acoustic Guitar

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Hey guys! Marty here again from my own thing “MartyMusic”! Here’s a 90’s classic that I always get nostalgic about! Hope you have fun with this “No Rain” tutorial. Super easy chords but I also break down the melody part!

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  1. Thanks for supporting "MartyMusic"! Also Free courses at

  2. Marty! you didn't teach the whole thing!!! you missed a chord he slides a few times up a fret, i can't remember what its called

  3. Johnny Rodriguez

    Achilles Last Stand by Led Zepplin PLEASE
    Hey Marty, can you please do some more tutorials of slow Blues solos??? Thank you.

  4. Just discover this excellent band! And now, you come up with this lesson!

    Marty, you rock!
    Hey, Marty!Do "The Rain Song" guitar lesson!

  5. Just discover this excellent band! And now, you come up with this lesson!

    Marty, you rock!
    Achilles Last Stand by Led Zepplin PLEASE
    Rest In Peace Shannon Hoon :/

  6. Can you plz do more foo fighters
    I think it's fair to say that Marty has almost single handedly taught me guitar!

  7. Man your getting gray lol

  8. simple but really good song

  9. good song but when i signed up to get your "free" stuff like tabs. all i see is $$ everywhere.

  10. Crimson Lens OFFICIAL


  11. I believe I’ve seen a lot of guitar teachers/enthusiasts. Bar far your tone, your way of teaching is like the Neil degrasse Tyson to astronomy. Every time I look up a new song and get your opening “hi it’s Marty” I am like “hi Marty” like a dork. Keep teaching. Never stop. Thank you for your time

  12. I wonder if Marty’s head is just flat, we will never know

  13. thank you so much for this video!! super helpful

  14. I just realized that this is the same chord progression as Sympathy For The Devil by the Rolling Stones!

  15. Where's the rest of the song?

  16. thanks man! Very well explained!

  17. Im so happy you made this vid deffenitly one of my favorite songs

  18. What brand and gauge strings do you have on that acoustic? Trying to get that sound. Big fan fastest way to learn a lot of songs.

  19. Please do Nirvana : I Hate Myself And Want To Die! I can't find anyone who teaches like you that my stupid brain can understand!!!

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