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Hey my finest friends&musicians!

In this Free online guitar lesson you learn how to play James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett’s main riff in Nothing else matters by Metallica on electric guitar. In this free instructional video tutorial / instructional youtube video we’ll be covering the Solo and go over each and every chord and picking pattern.

Video 1 (solo):

Note: I Depending on the number of likes the TAB for this video will also be released on my website so make sure to hit that like button! I’ll be doing the rest of Nothing else matters in upcoming lessons if the video is popular enough.

Once the TAB is released you’ll find it here:

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enjoy this new video!


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Disclaimer: Each lesson I do is basically transcribed by ear but usually I check a video of a live performance to make sure I’ve got fingerings and positions correct. I can’t guarantee however that everything is 100% accurate and honestly, I have seen 1000’s of TABs and none of them were flawless (including official TAB). Should you spot an error, please don’t be angry but just share your insight as a comment so others can reap the benefits…
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  1. Your Guitar Workshop

    Solo Time!! This is part #5 for Nothing Else Matters by Metallica! The full guitar lesson is online and available here:
    In case you need extra help, I’m available for skype lessons:

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  2. Die leere Flasche

    How can i release my finger after the bend? Every time i try, the string "slaps" back…

  3. Menno van der waal

    krijg ik toch nog gitaarles van m'n oude gitaarleraar. grappig om u in een keer zo tegen te komen. heel veel succes!

  4. Thanks buddy!

  5. 9:05 for me it's very hard to imposible to pull off with my ring finger the string there . May something be wrong with my guitar or is it me that doesn't understand how to do it ?

  6. Thanks man really helpful

  7. Where would you tell a new guitarist to start?

  8. can i download this backing track from somewhere ? because as i see this version is slower than the original one, or the others uploaded in youtube

  9. thank you so much man!

  10. I can play the whole song, except the solo. with this I will have the whole song. great lesson.

  11. have you done the bridge of the song? cant find it

  12. yeah man…really nice…helpful…but in the original song at 3:08 starts a part of it…did u show'd us that part or…?

  13. Fab thx man 🙂

  14. The Derpy Narwhal

    Praise the lord! thanks SOOOO much it helps alot. I think this is one of the best channels out there for guitar amazing ;D

  15. Hi, can I ask you, how I can mute "G" string after bend in 5:19? Thank you for answer. Btw very nice lesson. 🙂

  16. great tutorial
    but I can't get to this sound on my amplifier( I have the mustang 1 from fender).

  17. If you could respond it would be very helpful

  18. Hey what are the amp settings you use

  19. on the second bend i keep hitting the d string making it play out, how did people avoid doing this?

  20. Spot on! Fantastic video! Thank you very much!

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