how to play “Nothing Else Matters” on guitar by Metallica | PART 1 – INTRO | guitar lesson tutorial

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For more information and for all the parts on this lesson go here:–rhythm-and-solo.html

A guitar lesson on how to play “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica from their 1991 self-titled album produced by Bob Rock.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information and for all the parts on this lesson go here:–rhythm-and-solo.html

  2. is very good

  3. You are the best

  4. parli troppo D*o cane!

  5. Had to unsubscribe since you support Metallica – a band who actually wants to destroy You Tube. Too bad.

  6. is it fender?

  7. Even this excellent lesson of yours is worthless without tabs, sorry.

  8. Another lesson well done .

  9. viel zu viel gerede

  10. One of my absolute favorite songs by a great band. You do a great job instructing. I stumbled on your channel by complete accident. I normally get my internet guitar instruction from other online personalities, but I must admit to liking your style. Extremely professional. I have subscribed. Thanks!

  11. can u do John Lennon Imagine

  12. Years ago I learned the chords and rhythm guitar parts. And I can sing it! But sadly, the precision of finger picking and fretting in this intro is beyond my capabilities. Very nicely done sir!

  13. I always wonders why it sounded different when I played this. I never thought about the Em. good shit man

  14. when i'm 64 the beatles, please do it!

  15. Did you record this with Mic's or the in guitar pickup? Sounds fantastic, the reverb just makes it so sweet! Thank you for doing this!

  16. Jose Gregorio Rojas

    Your tecnique is remarkable.. I love to see your tutotials

  17. I have tried a couple places to learn this, and literally got it on the 1st try after going through it with you on this video. great teaching skills, very easy to follow. Am "patiently" waiting for the second lesson. your awesome, please keep it up and thank you.

  18. Brilliant as always. Would be awesome if you could do a breakdown of the Metallica song Fade To Black as well at some point in the future.

  19. Just perfect!!! Can't wait for the rest buddy! :)

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