How to Play “November Rain” by Guns N’ Roses (chords) song – Guitar Lesson – chords Rhythm

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  1. insta sub

  2. Do may we all Florida Georgia line

  3. I've missed you on youtube Marty!!

  4. /Sings When I look into your D minor….. I think i like the new lyrics :D

  5. Best part…"Nothing lasts for G and we both know hearts can C"…amazing teacher…

  6. Marty have you done a paint it black tutorial? If not can you do one pal? Thanks.

  7. Your an amazing teacher Marty!! Appreciate what you do – make it seem so easy!!

  8. Amo tu canal, a pesar de que no hablamos el mismo idioma, aprendo

  9. What happend w/ GuitarJamz?

  10. can you please tell me the strumming pattern..

  11. Marty you rock man! Thank you so much!

  12. Another great tutorial thanks Marty 😀 can you do a tutorial on Velvet Revolver's Fall to Pieces?

  13. I essentially learned guitar six years ago thanks to your incredibly helpful videos. I'm 22 now. I love that you still do this- keep it up and rock on.

  14. Trying to kill the C

  15. This is one of my favorite songs, thanks for such a nice lesson :)

  16. "Do you need some F……everybody needs some F…" Classic Marty!Once again my YouTube friend, you hot another homerun with this one! Excellent lesson on a timeless classic.Yes, sometimes singing lyrics & cord changes at the same time is funny, but it REALLY helps us to know exactly where we're at in the progression of the song. Thank you once again Marty! You're the greatest teacher out there!

  17. great songs lean lots of them cheers

  18. Picked up the old acoustic guitar and dusted it off. Loved your original YouTube channel years ago it taught me the guitar back in 09. Played on the church worship team and really enjoyed playing. But due to a move and change of job had to put the guitar away for a while sad I know. Love the new channel like a restart button. I'm right there learning new tricks and rebuilding the calluses on my fingertips. Ouch! But have to play through the pain and fatigue no pain no gain as the old t-shirt said. Keep up the great work and I'll keep watching and liking your amazing content.

  19. MacLeonis Croatinski


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