How to Play Oh Boy by Buddy Holly – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

In this guitar lesson you will quickly learn this Buddy Holly song called Oh Boy. For more guitar help and free resources go to today.

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Thanks for watching this Buddy Holly. Oh Boy is a great song by Buddy Holly and I hope you enjoyed it! If so be sure to share it with your buddies and hit the ‘thumbs up’ button.

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  1. what kind of gibson are you playing

  2. Hey there rockstars!! Check out my free online course at:

  3. Marientte Agreste

    I love buddy holly! And I'm a greasers

  4. Sir Wolfson Xtreme

    What about the solo in the middle of the song? You can see it in the live version. How do you play that?

  5. I love the Sound of the Gibson Jumbo you use in this lesson. Anyway please do more  Buddy Holly and  Elvis Lessons.

  6. Kinderunterhaltung

    very good!

  7. Just one of my many songs I must learn. I got a great set piece for a performance after I've learnt the 4 songs I will need. But any how thanks for a great video and song my only quest is. What is the strumming pattern for oh boy as my way does not sound as sleek as yours. I use down down up down up down up down down up.

  8. Love your lessons keep doing what your doing. Keep the 50s coming! How about Ritchie Valens!

  9. you have  made your vids look more professional 

  10. Great video, but are you considering doing more record accurate, electric guitar tutorials for Buddy's songs in the future?

  11. Love this song. Was about to request it. Thanks. Love your hints and tips. Well back to practicing.

  12. Love the Buddy Holly videos. I love 50s Rock N Roll!

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