How To Play "OHIO" – Neil Young Chord And Melody Guitar Lesson

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  1. Wow, I am so glad i found your channel, great job on this one and Isnt She Lovely…………………Cant wait to wxplore moreof your videos………………..thanks so much for these concise, but thorough lessons

  2. what amp are you using?

  3. Great tutorial…straight to the point and spot on! Also appreciate the quick theoretical piece!

  4. Neil is heavy as heavy can be.And heavenly with it.

  5. sweet playing

  6. Really nice again ! I was missing it. Neil is the best.

  7. The 594 sounds good. Nice growl & bite..

  8. Yes. It’s me again. Very helpful. These vids are perfect.

    Do you have any tips on short rhythmically bursts of 32 note strumming? E.g. like the intro of Sultans.

  9. I never heard the recorded song before but I can tell it sounds amazing.

  10. You just made my day! Thank you for this Michael!!

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