How to play One by Metallica on Guitar

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  1. fr man

  2. damn, he looks aggressive

  3. Good work and I learned how to play, and I think kids should be learning not watching other not school related

  4. What’s the power chord you play at the end
    Sorry if it’s obvious but I’m really new to guitar

  5. virtual drum cover

    Tnk u…..u teach much better than any other YouTuber …..Tnk u…..

  6. Metallica has such beautifully and technically crafted music

  7. Thank you so much ur the best

  8. Hey Marty, In my opinion you are the best and most comprehensive music teacher on the net, web, and streets. Thank you for understanding and having the patience/ taking the time to teach this art.

  9. Why does everyone start with Smoke on the Water like I did? Has no one else discovered this easy and much more fun song? xD

  10. Mintendo werherberger

    wow, thanks for this video!

  11. Try and remake this tutorial really nice song

  12. nicholas music

    Seek and dostry

  13. Holy shit, a younger Marty Schwartz lmao

  14. Great fir beginners but had work for experienced players got bored …just beed someone to play it so i can see the fret positions

  15. hey whats up marty; can you plz plz plz have a listn to the song run to paradise by the quior boys.and do a guitar lesson on them plz that whould be super

  16. ThatOneKid InTheCorner


  17. Attila Kristaly

    It takes a lot to be a god teacher and you're definetily one of the greatest!thanks.

  18. 3-5-7-5-3-2-7-5-7-9-7-5-9-10
    I hope it helps someone!

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