How To Play Open Chords – Rhythm Guitar Lesson #8

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Welcome to the eighth video in the Rhythm Guitar Quick-Start Series. So far this series has covered power chords, bar chords, and how to move them around the fretboard in chord progressions. However, no rhythm guitar series would be complete without covering the most popular open chords.

These open chords go by the same name as some bar chords, but they can sound quite different. As the video shows, the G bar chord and the open G chord both have distinctly different sounds. With that in mind, it’s important to learn how to play both. The open chords you will be learning are: G major, C major, D major, E major, E minor, A major, and A minor. Plus you’ll be reviewing B and F bar chords as they are often used along side open chords.

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  1. Wao u r super

  2. I have found that learning certain chords, like the Am chord, is the E shape dropped down one string set, is REALLY useful and helpful; makes memorizing it a snap. Thank you for this fabulously valuable information. Happy, happy. 😀

  3. what a cool way to teach open chords.. I like it Sir


  5. OMG I already know all these chords

  6. I appreciate you dude!!!!!!!!!

  7. I think this should be the first lesson. Thanks! Although I already know this open chords , this video is still helpful 🙂

  8. So my friend asked me to join his band as a rhythm guitarist a few weeks ago and finding these videos have just saved mre from being out the band.I named with him q couple times he liked how I knew how to improvise three or four chords and asked to join with these videos I will have no trouble in becoming better at guitar. Thing is I wish there was a good detailed video on the whole guitar music theory I don't take lessons I teach myself so video like that would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Thanks Nate!

  10. thanks a lot for your videos that really helped me.

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