How to Play “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath on Guitar – Guitar Lesson – Ozzy – Metal

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  1. This is the first thing I learned on electric thanks so much Marty your the best

  2. HOW'S THAT UPDATED SOLO GOING MARTY!? Great lesson, couldn't have learned it faster from anyone else!

  3. Максим Малахов

    Intro is not correct

  4. What amp

  5. guitar hero anyone?

  6. N.I.B.

  7. "like snickers satisf*ies*"

  8. marty hope you read this you got me back in to playing guitar my best friend took his life in 09 and i didn't even wanna pick up a guitar you've helped have the best videos to learn from….when you say hey! marty here!…..i hear hey marty here you're about to be destroyed but amazing dude

  9. Marty's lesson are always very cool and helpfull!!!!

  10. r u mine by artic monkeys plz

  11. Please can you do Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses by U2? Or could someone direct me to a decent tab? I've been wanting to play this song for ages

  12. Marty, you rock, thanks for all the lessons you've given us. Can you give a lesson on Lynyrd Skynyrd "On the Hunt?"

  13. Solo pls


    BIEN SYMPA et bien expliqué

  15. misirlou/pulp fiction theme song its amazing.

  16. Great lesson, thanks!!!

  17. Great guitar lesson, can you do a guitar tutorial of the funk rock song piece of the rock from Mother's finest?

  18. Good video but the main riff is slightly diferrent

  19. search and destroy by metallica?

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