How to play Paranoid Guitar Lesson & TAB – Black Sabbath

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Learn how to play Paranoid by Black Sabbath in this new online guitar lesson and instructional youtube video. In this lesson we cover the intro, verse, and chorus. Paranoid is probably one of their most famous songs and is played by guitarists of all ages. Soon there will also be a lesson online to learn Dirty Women by Sabbath…

Enjoy this new electric guitar tutorial!

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  1. Your Guitar Workshop

    Hi everyone, enjoy this tutorial for “Paranoid” by Black Sabbath. Check links below and video description for more info.
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    Peace, André

  2. Great codeo

  3. is the tuning E standard?

  4. Really good tutorial learned it very quick ! Keep up the good work !

  5. what amp settings are you using

  6. nice tutorial . cheers :-)

  7. having trouble hammering

  8. Dude that was horrible lol , and I'm not trying to be rude , but that's just a bad lesson man

  9. Melquisedec Ariza

    muy bueno, explicas muy bien y das tiempo a captar los movimientos!

  10. Amazing tutorial video

  11. What guitar do you use, looking around for a new one and this looks and sounds very nice! Great tutorial by the way thanks !!

  12. Awesome song, taught really well! Thanks man

  13. 2:20 is your pinky finger down on a string? btw this video is great

  14. OpenMindedAlways25

    +Your Guitar Workshop Hey Andrew are you in a band?

  15. Great video 

  16. Thank you so much for this!!

  17. How do get so close to the original sound? Wich pedal(s) wich amp?

  18. I don't think the intro is correct

  19. I feel it should be guitar teaching 101 but demonstrate in full speed (as well as slowed down) before expecting player to imitate as to get rhythm/beat in head just before attempting.

  20. who needs a tutorial for this: just give it up

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