How to Play “Peace Train” by Cat Stevens on Guitar – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

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Hey guys Marty here from “MartyMusic” hope you are all well out there! Here’s a lesson for Cat Stevens’
“Peace Train” which can be played with easy chords but I also am going to show you the embellishments and second guitar melody! Once again I appreciate you watching!

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  1. Thanks for watching, also tons of FREE courses at

  2. Hey Marty, perhaps you could consider The Messenger by Linkin Park. That'd be great! Thanks and keep doing what you do!

  3. Could you do California by phantom planet?:)

  4. I just realised that I've been watching Marty since I've started playing guitar in 2008. I played and sang Peace Train for a play that I acted in last Christmas. Awesome video.

  5. Hey Marty! Thanks, man, explaining what you’ve done for me with your lessons would be too lengthy and invite eye rolling and sighs from all who read it, so I’ll just say you rock and thanks so much.

    That said, I’d sure love to see a lesson for Tangled Up In You by Aaron Lewis. A lot of “lessons” are out there but they tend to be just guys trying to play it rather than teach.

  6. Hey marty, can you teach the lost boy by Greg Holden please really like the sound of it and haven't been able to find any lessons of it on youtube

  7. Beautiful. Made me laugh. You are wonderful

  8. Hi Marty I was wondering if you were planning on showing us how to play any songs from The XX? Their new songs would be amazing 🙂

  9. Hi! Can you make tutorial of ,,Shape of my heart´´ by Sting? I've tried to learn it from other videos, but you always learn everything best…

  10. Do black betty by ram jam !!!!];')

  11. Christ, that Taylor sounds great! Picked up a 12st Taylor today m/

  12. Damn! You can sing too. Sounds just like Cat

  13. Can you do a lesson for "sweet mountain river" by monster truck

  14. Do a video on "I have chosen you" by Don Francisco

  15. Can you do, rattling chains by Ryan upchurch

  16. Hey you from Pink Floyd ?

  17. awesome, lots of fun! thanks!!

  18. Could you do All the Faces by Creed Bratton?

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