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There are many scales for the beginner guitar player to learn. Our expert is going to show you a scale he calls the pentatonic pattern #1. It’s a practical scale he uses every single day. Once you learn it, you no doubt will too.

Next on the list is scales. So scales ‚Äì there’s many, many, many books of scales, big encyclopedias of scales, but I’d like to show you the most practical scales that I use every single day. The very first scale I ever learned, I like to call it pentatonic pattern number 1, but it’s just a pentatonic scale, or a shape of one. Let’s dive in. I’m going to do it here at the 5th fret. So I’m on the 5th fret of the 6th string. And I’m going to use my first finger. Then the next note is not the 2nd fret away from that, not the 3rd fret, but the 4th fret. So on the 6th string I have the 1st and the 4th. Then I move down to the 5th string. And I’m going to do 1, 3 ‚Äì so notice I’m using my third finger. Then the next string, 4th string: 1 and 3. And then 1 ‚Äì 3 again, but on the 3rd string. Then 1-4, but on the 2nd. And then 1-4 on the 1st. So you see, 1-4. That’s why I’m saying those numbers, so I have: 1-4; 1-3; 1-3; 1-3; 1-4; 1-4. Now if I want to go backwards, I just start with this note and work my way back. So I go: 4-1; 4-1; 3-1; 3-1; 3-1; 4-1. Now, this is a movable shape, just like bar chords or power chords. I can move this anywhere on the guitar and the shape doesn’t change. That’s the beauty of the guitar. Let’s say we do it at the3rd fret. So I’m going to do it: 1-4; 1-3 ‚ and backwards. How about the 7th fret? And then how about we try Open. That’s a little trickier because I have to pretend that my first finger is playing, sort of. Can you see the pattern here? I have in this imaginary spot, 1-4; 1-3; 1-3; all the way down. Of course we’re not going to play it like that. We’re going to play it a little more natural, right? So it’s O-3; O-2; O-2; O-2; O-3; and O-3. That’s the same exact pattern. It looks a little different. That’s a little thing about the guitar, you always have to compensate for the open aspect. And then I’m just going to work my way backward. 3-O; 3-O; 2-O; 2-O; 2-O; 3-O. There you go. Pentatonic Pattern Number 1.
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  1. Beautiful! Nice and easy. Straight to the point! Thank you. Great job!

  2. Marcus Johnson

    Usually these instructional videos have a more, ya know, "quick fix" "watch and learn" vibe to their videos but this was actually very clear and to the point. First video I didn't have to re-watch 50 times lol.

  3. if you can move this shape anywhere you want, why are there different shapes of the pentatonic scale

  4. Thanks it's been forever since I played this type of scale

  5. Thanks my friend, very clear and simple, you are now my teacher.

  6. Always-Stay-Positive

    Please can anyone tell me if one pattern is moveable?

  7. Deer Stalking in England Ltd

    you have just explained exactly what I wanted to know and nobody else can put simply. I have been looking all over you tube for that.

  8. how about the frequency ? do every guitar must be 440hz or it just the acoustic? can someone explain it to me pls. 🙂
    because i tried once the electric guitar tuned low and i tune it to 440hz then when i bent it the string disjointed.

    can someone explain pls ,I just want to know because soon ill buy my first electric guitar

  9. Thank you for this post. I am learning this. My next step will to be able to introduce this into regular music. I have no idea how this will work.

  10. Yesenia Camara

    he makes it very easy to understand!! Great job!!

  11. Perfect, helpful video. Cut right to the chase instead of the other 5 million videos of this that feature an hour long introduction

  12. TheGoldenChodeTV

    Adjust your action, there's alot of buzz

  13. I know you call this pattern 1 but what's the technical name? is this the A minor pentatonic?

  14. i have a question about scales since i am new to this. taking the A note for example, does it call the A minor/major pentatonic scale as long as it always hits the A note? and can the scale be developed by ourselves or is it fixed so we have just to memorize them all? please help me. thanks =D

  15. Is the first not you play on the scale, is that the name of the scale?

  16. Thx, very useful , dude.

  17. lol this is a simplified version of the only scale I know. And I still don't know what's it's good for.

  18. extremlybored45

    I like this lesson haha

  19. This is not a pattern! Pentatonic shape is not pattern!

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