How to play Perfect by Ed Sheeran – Guitar Lesson Tutorial Acoustic

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In this guitar lesson tutorial, we’re going to learn ow to play Perfect by Ed Sheeran a wonderful old school style ballad that’s sure to be played at weddings for many years to come!

Big thanks to Salena Mastroianni for coming in for the mini cover in the intro! More:

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  1. The woman has amazing boobs

  2. Barefoot on* the grass and not in the grass
    Nice tuitorial

  3. killer queen justin killer queen please

  4. you are a fantastic teacher. Thank you for your time !

  5. And they are slightly different chords

  6. Why is it on your app you don’t have the picking technique?

  7. what is the chord at 15:18?

  8. Who is that horse ruining that song with its voice?

  9. I would like to request an old song by Elton John " Something the way you look tonight." If you can make the video of this song, I would appreciate very much.

  10. Sry my English is very bad…btw greetz from Austria (not kangaroos xD) buuuuut, i´ve learned so much songs from you Justin. I think 8 years ago my first song from you was "wish you were here – pink floyd" and now in 2018 i will even learn new tricks and songs from you. Please dont stop this and go on till you are 90. Youre the best Guitar youtube Teacher i know =) Best man

  11. Wow that voice is perfect

  12. Llewellyn Anthony Carr

    Justin a "class" teacher, makes the hardest, very easy…….Great as usual!

  13. thank you, this is a great video and helps me a lot! 🙂

  14. This is so beautiful !

  15. Good tutorial. Did you notice that in the "Official Video" on youtube, that the solo seems to be doublestopped, or maybe a duet. It's very pretty and definitely there's some harmony going on.

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