How To Play PERFECT Ed Sheeran On Bass Guitar Eric Blackmon Guitar + TABS

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  1. Can you do a bass tutorial on travis greene "intentional" …..i love your work❤

  2. nice job Sir Eric Blackmon thank you for giving an easy way to learn this song..

  3. Perfect thanks

  4. Perfect

  5. Thank you!

  6. This is simply and without question the best bass tutorial around for this song and in the right key (Ab)-Thank you.

  7. I know that making tabs and playing along the original music with camera on would be faster tutorial.. but here you give a perfect solution for absolute beginners. Sure everyone will get that. Thumbs up.

  8. Thankyou, I love your clear and relaxed teaching method.

  9. Absolutely brilliant tutorial!-Thank you. Heard somewhere you were going to retire. Please don’t do that because your channel is such an inspiration to novices like me.

  10. thumbs up

  11. Beautiful video lesson as always Eric, thank you! Would you possibly be able to do a guitar lesson on "Grazing in the Grass" by the Friends of Distinction?

  12. Yes…a new Bass tutorial. Nice song, it's feels nice to play this song. I love playing my Bass. I run into people who really don't understand how important the bass in most songs. They feel the Bass is a useless instrument. Thanks for Sharing.

  13. Eric do you have a tutorial for a song "Little Green Bag", I don't know who recorded it but it was used on the movie Reservoir Dogs by Tarantino.

  14. Sheila Vernay Pugh

    Beautiful song. I can't wait to practice along with the music.

  15. Enjoyed the video. Great song

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