How To Play Peter Gabriel Solsbury Hill (intro only)

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  1. Funny to see that what you're doing in the first measure I decided to do after not being able to do the partial A chord barre that other demos show. Most people, including me, cannot get their index finger to bend as that requires and let the open E ring cleanly. Using the modified D, 004230, followed by the the barring of 1234 strings (while not playing the E string), works perfectly well.

  2. Wait a minute. Seven beats to the bar? Hammer two to the fourth fret and three hammers open on the sixth and second? And then play four with your thumb? What was that middle part again? When do we drink a pint?

  3. Would be great if you could not talk while you play so I can hear what you're picking.

  4. please make the another tutorial for next verge.

  5. worth every penny. holy shit.

  6. Jerry… You're great. I'm learning to play sooo many songs i love thanks to you. Thank you.

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