How to Play “Piano Man” On Guitar by Billy Joel – Guitar Lesson – Tutorial -Chords, Rhythm

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  1. Marty you are the best my brother! Thanks so much for making the guitar lesson magical. Please do ELP From the begging.

  2. Marty, Best of luck with your new project. I loved your Rocket Man lesson but am I right that it was a basic version? There's a lot more stuff going on it seems that could be played with one guitar. Am I right?!!!

    I'd love to see an Advanced "Rocket Man." Thanks.

  3. i still playing here in philippines …..pls more ….. teach me more chords

  4. hi thnks for the piano man ,,,how about mr post man

  5. Commando Commander

    Marty Schwartz! The Guitar Man! what happened to your last channel?

  6. please do comfortably numb !!!

  7. I love you and your teaching. if it wasn't for you i would have given up guitar already but now i'm 2 years in and loving it. Thanks you so much :)

  8. Marty this was amazing, thank you. If you could, would you please do "its still rock and roll to me' or "the entertainer" by Billy Joel because theres hardly any good tabs or videos to help me do it and id really love to be able to play those.

  9. hey Marty give me some lessons on how to play Time In A Bottle by Jim Croce

  10. I love you Marty!

  11. Could you please do a lesson on " Let it Roll " by Little Feat

  12. Marty Please please please please please pleaseeeee do electric lady land by hendrix

    P.S just subbed keep up the great work

  13. Wow love this song i will practice this hard Thanks Marty. Legend.

  14. Sacobite The Gamer

    Ahoy Marty, could you do pieces by sum 41? thanks.

  15. Can you also do you're my home by Billy Joel please?

  16. King of the North!

  17. Awesome tutorial, and Winter is Coming ;)

  18. Very cool Marty. Love that song.

  19. Gatis Smidrovskis

    You're an awesome guy with great personality and a way to teach people. But how the fuck haven't you still learned how to sing? 😀 It doesn't change the fact that you're still the coolest guitar teacher on YouTube

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