How to Play Picture – Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow (cover) – Easy 4 Chord Tune

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How to Play Picture – Kid Rock/Sheryl Crow (cover) – Easy 4 Chord Tune – This is an extremely popular tune for all age groups. It is a very fun and easy song to play. It goes over well at
every function or venue you are playing and people love to sing along to it. Please check out my channel for more PartyMarty EasyGuitarTunes


  1. I know I’m late but this was hardly a lesson he got carried away and just started playing

  2. IMO, it sounds like Darius Rucker singing Picture because of your voice.

  3. Thanks Marty, great tune! Would love to see a video for “Its a Heartache” by Juice Newton et al. All the best, Jon

  4. Great video I nutted

  5. Magnifique Marty

  6. You are awesome. I've been trying to learn this song for an embarrassing amount of time. I just started trying to learn guitar. I don't think I'm musically talented.


  8. Wow! This is a whole account of how to play for casual groups. This is why I learned to play because all the guitars at parties disappeared about 30 yrs ago. Plus you picked great songs to teach:excellent choices! Thank you sooooo much.❤️

  9. Is a great song Marty.

  10. great channel. I suggest that you put the lyrics in the comments section so that the viewers dont have to go back and forth between your video and other sites.

  11. Thank Marty for the wonderful lesson…lots of Love

  12. Thank you. Very well taught lesson.

  13. Very good man I really Appricate it

  14. Is there an expedited way to harden the fingertips to play easier?

  15. Excellent tutorial, better cover

  16. 33 thousand subscribers your doing something right marty……like everyone else Iv learnt a lot from you..good luck from new zealand

  17. Strumming pattern?

  18. Marty, I just found your videos and noticed you have been on here for years. Where have I been?! I have been playing guitar since I was 12, I just turned 50, and I have to tell you, after all those years of guitar lessons, trying to memorize notes, theory, and everything that goes along with it, I have learned just about as much from you in 1 month then I have over all those years of plinking and picking. My buddies, one who plays drums, another on bass and myself have been getting together once a week or so for over 20 years just to make noise and have a few beers, and after spending a few hours watching you and your technique, we got together and his jaw dropped when I started playing what I've learned from you. Very easy and concise lessons. Even though my technique may be a little more advanced then some of your followers,  I have been making it so much more difficult then what It should have been all these years. And to top it off, we have the same taste in music and same reach in vocals, as I'm also the singer. My buddies and myself may even start playing at some friends parties now. Night and day difference in our sound now. Thanks for your time and effort! Great job!Dave.

  19. you giving a lot of people a lot of fun marty keeping simple and easy to follow .respect man you put the time in and choose all the songs that people canuse .thanks tom thailand

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