How to Play Pinch Harmonics on the Guitar – Steve Stine Guitar Lesson

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  1. You're the best steve!

  2. Do you need a better pickup or you can do it with every electric guitar? I simply can't get that sound out of my ibanez…maybe it's me

  3. TheWindstorm2012

    Hands down the best guitar teacher in all Youtube. I will never thank you enough.

  4. Really well explained, after a dozen of other video about pinch harmonic i finally able to do it with ease and yeah not that complicated. Thanks!

  5. Hi Steve! Do you use distortion pedal?

  6. Tenés una ibanez jem 10th
    La guitarra de mis sueños

  7. Gretel's Revenge

    The best lesson and tricks on pinch harmonics. Styne is a real Guitar-Coach. Thanks for all your lessons!

  8. steve i love your videos man, bought some guitarzoom lessons, thank you!

  9. That's a gorgeous guitar man , probably nicest Jem i have seen so far. Video is great as always.

  10. What size pick you use?

  11. wow this lesson kills it. In 5 mins i am sqealing any fret any string. Steve, Thank you.

  12. Thank you!

  13. You are n1, thank you so much for all your efforts !

  14. I think I may be the only one in the world that doesn’t use their thumb for pinch harmonics

  15. What a lovely guy, great lesson, thanks! 😀

  16. Awesome!I was always bitting into the string hard and willing it by magic to happen lols.Great vid.

  17. Thank you steve!

  18. best pinch video i have seen 20 of them

  19. Awesome Lesson

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