How to play Plush by Stone Temple Pilots

Please watch: “Beginner Acoustic guitar lesson “Tom Petty I won’t back down” How to” –~–
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  1. Jammin In My Jammies

    I can do that funny banjo sounding thing that Marty did in this vid, but I just don't want too

  2. PhillipJoe Borowitz

    yal are dick heads. the mans doing you a service. and youmake fun of him? nice. keep doin your vid,s best out there bro'

  3. lmao I got side tracked by playing country at the same time you did hahahahaha

  4. I find it a tad easier to bar the C at the 3rd fret, then play that other chord,,,sorry, forgot it's name,,, the so called hard one ! Lol !!! 🙂

  5. You just wanted to show off your new axe,,,,,didn't you Marty, Haha,,, 😉

  6. Beverly Hillbillies @ 3:49 haha

  7. 3:49 thru 3: 53 lmao

  8. Nice looking 335. Would look nicer if you used some rubbing compound on it to knock some of that glare down.

  9. "This is how I finger it." Giggity question mark

  10. Gangster Gardener

    what's effects are need man??

  11. I'm trying to figure out how you're muting the strings as you continue the strumming pattern between cords?

  12. Dude, youre the man Marty. Thanks brother!!

  13. Please do Revolution Radio by Green Day!!

  14. THANKS, Nice Tutorial, I already new this one but wanted to check on the position of the E flat major 7th. And I was right 🙂 It sounds very pretty on my Fender 12 string but we are covering the original electric version…A wall of sound 🙂 Note, I tend to pick put the run in D, no strumming ("feel It" – part). One of the guitarist actually is picking only in this part with the other strumming and I find the E flat major 7th is not really required at the end of the song in the run and I only play G/F/C/E flat/D, only playing two strings with the E flat to D. and I play a bar chord for the C in the third position and incorporate the E string (G) for a thicker sound. I do not use my thumb but plat the D/f#bass with first index finger on the f# and the D is created with the other fingers…not hard, just takes practise.

  15. what a happy little lad!! 0:45

  16. real music forever

    great lesson,marty. that ebmaj.7 chord as shown as a barre chord,whats the voicing on that?

  17. stp has the craziest chords

  18. been playing guitar for years, and when songs trip me up this is the only guy whose videos i trust to help me. he explains things clearly, is patient, funny and just in general seems like a cool guy. wish i could get actual lessons from him.

  19. Marty u crack me up, love it man keep'm coming…

  20. i was gonna complain about that first chord in the chorus… but then you played it the right way first during the breakdown of the song… playing that chord shape makes it easier at least for me to slide back down to the F and keep my hand in basically the same position… very well presented though 🙂

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