How to Play Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard Electric Guitar Riff

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How to Play Pour Some Sugar On Me – Def Leppard Electric Guitar Rif
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  1. That’s not quite how you play the main riff

  2. Just subscribed

  3. eugene mcloughlin

    what key are you in that would help

  4. I've noticed these lessons always add an extra note to the main riff. That extra note puts it way off. Sometimes it pays to do more with less

  5. Neeeed.theeee.haaaat

  6. Love how you explain Dude. Jajajaja this is the first vid I saw of yours back in 2009.

  7. you rock thanks for doing what you do

  8. I wish he wrote out tabs to follow. Still an awesome dude and cool teacher!!

  9. Awesome.  Love Def Leppard.  Thanks for sharing.

  10. magic hat of the power 😀

  11. Marty- You are the best guitar teacher!!  Your videos are well explained and I always get a laugh from your sense of humor.  Keep up the good work man! Thank you

  12. hey dude whats the amp settings on this song. I have learned alot from you thanks for teaching us.

  13. You the shit Marty happy New Year

  14. for some reason no matter what i do it doesnt sound right :S did you miss a few notes or something.

  15. Thank you!!!!!

  16. Yosemeti Underhill

    Jeff from American Dad.  Thanks!

  17. Hey Marty, what is the tuning? Is it default or is it changed?

  18. Logan Jasnikowski

    come on get it ononononon…

  19. What's the tuning????

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