How to Play Power Chords (Beginner Guitar Lesson)

How to Play Power Chords (Beginner Guitar Lesson)

In this beginner guitar lesson I explain what power chords are, how to play them, and how to make them sound awesome through using muting techniques!

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At the start of the video I cover some music theory about what power chords are and how they are composed, but if you just want to get straight to playing them that is totally fine and you can just memorize the shapes and come back to the theory behind them later if it ever interests you! Just wanted to give some background information on where these chords come from so it doesn’t seem mysterious 🙂


  1. MOUNDS Saud saud

    What is your practice routine when you were a beginner ?

  2. OMS you are such a character I've never met anyone like you before you have such a beautiful vibration and your teaching is the best

  3. Great lesson!!!!!

  4. Hello Rachelf ;), Can I ask you what pedals(effects) you use in your cover Nightwish-Ever Dream 😉 Thanks for Feedback;)

  5. I appreciate you sharing this “ very helpful. I just started about 2 months ago learning. This will be helpful. Peace Out ✌️

  6. Great video! I subscribed after watching you for about 4 minutes. I gave up playing guitar after I was diagnosed with ms but I decided to pick up my strat, restrung it and replayed your video and followed along. I surprised myself that I could still play. My hands are badly affected by the ms so I can't play lead but I can still play rhythm. Thank you so much for posting your video. It influenced me enough to pick up an instrument I love to play. Bless you, Rachel.

  7. Michael Scott Bugher

    It's great to see you having fun doing your thing such a beautiful smile

  8. Does it matter where I place my thumb on the back of the guitar?

  9. X Metal Thrashred X

    do u listen to black and/or death metal? if so what r ur favs

  10. This is a great video and love the positivity. I have played piano and trumpet in the past, starting to learn guitar, I want to learn things well instead of bad habits to unlearn later.

    Good blend of analysis, sound, and fun!

  11. You are fair dinkum cool ! ! !

  12. JEEM, also known as, Jim Hawkins

    Rachelf: This is the best, and clearest, lesson on Power Chords that I have ever seen. Thanks so much for posting this! And by the way, I am going to order more of your T-Shirts (newer version) because I have given away all the other ones I had to various friends. Cheers!

  13. After learning mostly riffs from Maren Morris songs I now work on «Stranglehold» from Ted Nugent. Very good power chord part (similar to the Pretty Recklesses «Heaven knows»). I have trouble with muting the strings with my index finger, but I try palm muting instead + constant downstrokes. That said I don't have a strength issue – barre chords work pretty well (work on a song from The Cowsills – the one that was used on Dumb and Dumber). Nice that you make tutorials now!

  14. Hi. Thanks for the video. Subscribed. Keep on rocking and ignore ugly comments

  15. This lesson was way too rapid.

  16. Your guitar lessons are brilliant. You keep smilling right through the video which is also brilliant. You talk at the speed of sound which takes some listening lol

  17. She looks really stoned….

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