How To Play Power Chords – Rhythm Guitar Lesson #2

How To Play Power Chords - Rhythm Guitar Lesson #2

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Welcome to the second video in the Rhythm Guitar Quick-Start Series. This lesson covers three basic power chord shapes that you need to know as a rhythm guitarist. Once you have these shapes down, you’ll be able to use them in almost any style of music, including jazz, rock, reggae, country, and more.

In the next lesson you’ll learn how to move these shapes all around the fretboard. So work through this lesson and the continue on with the Rhythm Guitar Quick-Start series to learn more.

You can find all of the rhythm guitar lessons here:



  1. Carla Leibee Brown

    I am having so much trouble getting my ring finger to stretch that far. What can I do to make this easier?

  2. HD Sketch Comedy

    Thanks so much for the help, this lesson is just what i needed! 🙂

  3. Hi Nate. I am loving the lessons. I've always wanted to pursue guitar playing and it seems I've landed just at the right place.Very helpful and thanks.

  4. Nice job as always. Sweet looking and sounding guitar. Who makes it and what kind of magnets are in those humbuckers? Alnico II?

  5. Thanks man, awesome stuff as always


  7. Great lesson…finally solves the riddle of whether 2 or 3 fingers are used for power chords. And that guitar looks very nice.

  8. Every time I play a power courd it sound dead

  9. Talk too much.

  10. An Than Van Man Tan

    I've also found that if you're playing with enough overdrive/distortion you can get away with making power chords using just the 5th and the octave. Cutting out the base note may make it seem a little bright but it lets you jump between power chords quickly and also lets you play power chords you otherwise couldn't (like playing an E flat or D power chord in E standard)

  11. I notice when you're doing your chords you;re using your ring finger but i find i keep using my pinky is this a bad thing or can i keep going like this?

  12. I'm learning to play these on a bass, is it ok if the gap is shorter between my index and ring finger for the last chord? it's one I'm more used to as apposed to putting my pinkie finger down

  13. what if you can't extend your fingers like that yet

  14. Would you say a Taylor 214ce Dax is a good starter guitar

  15. Should I bar with my 3rd finger if the 3rd finger bends a bit and hurts the first the joint?

  16. what is the difference of power chords to normal chords? can it substitute the normal chord with the power chord? thanks

  17. Your name is Savage :)!

  18. when you play these power chords do you mute the bottom three strings with your index finger? like do you do a full strum of all six strings and mute the bottom three strings? or do you just strum the top 3 strings?

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