How to play Pride And Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan – Guitar Lesson Tutorial Texas Blues Riff Shuffle

How to play Pride And Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan - Guitar Lesson Tutorial Texas Blues Riff Shuffle

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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn how to play Pride And Joy by Stevie Ray Vaughan!! All time blues classic and great fun with cool techniques to learn. last upload had poor sound at the intro – this one fixes that!

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  1. Thank God for the internet, liked and subscribed!! Thanks Justin.

  2. keeping the rhythm going at the end of the riff with the open strings and hammer is killing me. Oh well practice makes perfect

  3. Hi Justin, can you tell me what sound your going for there? Is it a clean sound with reverb?

  4. Another great lesson! Thanks Justin! Where do I send you some Cabernet?

  5. 2nd day and I still sound like shit 🙁

  6. You just nailed the SVR tone. Well done sir.

  7. Great tone! What pedals and amp ru using ? Do you think I can get this tone with my Marshall DSL40c? I also use a 2011 fender American strat

  8. crazy good tutorial!!!

  9. watching you play the whole thing in the beginning at 0.5x speed helps a lot after watching the lesson

  10. Hey Justin could you do guitar lesson for this one hit wonder from Austin Powers OST:
    LUXURY- THESE DAYS. Really catchy tune but cant figure out the chords.

  11. nice playing man

  12. Justin! Man, you were channeling SRV! You looked possessed dude! Great lesson!!

  13. Today I subscribed to your channel fantastic friend exelente

  14. really well done – too many players don't cop the count of the intro correctly – you nail it. also totally right about the circle picking/strumming … it's the little 'rake' of the muted strings that creates the essential pulsing rhythmic component of the part … you even nailed the little G# grace note on the walking bass line between the G and the B – almost inaudilbe at tempo but really creates the difference between 'ok' and 'really good' … super lesson – thanks for sharing it

  15. Great lesson Justin.Can you do a Rude Mood by SRV

  16. why not do SRV on a real Strat? just sayin'…. good lesson tho.

  17. Very good lesson!

  18. great work Justin. you are an inspiration:)

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