How to play Razor Love by Neil Young (Acoustic Guitar Lesson ST-906)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Razor Love-Neil Young
More Info:
In this guitar lesson we’re checking out how to play Razor Love by Neil Young. It’s a pretty easy song with just a couple of tricky bits, so suitable for progressing beginners 😉

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  1. major7ths and Neil… never go wrong. Despite a dreadful cap and throw rug 😉

  2. Great tutorial Justin! Thanks!

  3. Hello Justin, how are you, I love your work, do you know by any chance what key harmonica Neil Young is playing in this song ? Thank you.

  4. Justinguitar great song by Neil Young and good job by you

  5. Juan Antonio Palomar

    You rocks mate

  6. You're a good teacher! Very clear and patient.

  7. You really make my day/with the little things you say. very good but can you play the harmonica parts too ?  I play this G Cmaj7 Am D Bm B C A  using G harmonica

  8. Really am enjoying the Neil young lessons, thank you justin.

  9. Great singing !

  10. Гена Аракелов

    I accidentally got on your channel, with video lessons, and I've already looked at almost everything. I can not mention that your lessons are very good, which are explained very well.
    I want to learn to play guitar like you, now it's my incentive

  11. I think I might prefer your version to Neil's!

  12. do you ship in india?

  13. dinizthemxking

    I didn't noticed that he already recorded that tune previously, thanks guys.

  14. charlie thomas

    You are so good

  15. Yay, and I'm going to see him in London real soon now – can't wait

    Awesome lesson as usual Justin – thanks

  16. justinguitar(dot)com/en/ST-502-EasySongs2.php

  17. There is already a lesson on Heart of Gold on justins website

  18. He sure is – next week in Glasgow! c'mon!!!! – great lesson as usual J-Man!

  19. Who is neil young!?! So many guitar vids on him

  20. dinizthemxking

    The next one will be Heart of Gold, i'm hoping it.

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