How to Play Reggae Bass – with Matt Scharfglass!

In this lesson, Matt Scharfglass shows you the fundamentals of reggae bass playing! Check it out!


  1. Hate that noise gate….

  2. Nailed it

  3. How about a lesson on that sweet bass line in the intro! That was great.

  4. bless man, thanks a lot for lesson 🙂

  5. Wow… very usefull.. n clarifying.

  6. Use your tone knob!

  7. Can you do a Taxi Riddim Lesson Please. You can hear it on Sly and Robbie Unmetered.

  8. this is giving me a lot of ideas for my bass playing. thanks, matt.

  9. Hola! Muy buen video! Podrias pasar las tabs de los ritmos!?

  10. Rodrigo Alessandro Verdugo Ponce

    Very good class

  11. Chairat Kulanuwat

    Grate! Could you please show me the tab for each figures?

  12. why would I want a white guy to teach me how to play reggae, lmao

  13. Cool Grooves! But you might play them a little longer. Makes it easier for the viewer to really get into them!!

  14. whats that bass?

  15. Short and to the point, concise .. perfect for a youtube tutorial. Nailed it.

  16. Flat wounds work really great for reggae bass too

  17. nice brother

  18. Matt…well done. Much appreciated. You didn't talk about it, but a big part of what these bass lines are is just as much "when you mute" as "when you play". You deaden notes to silence at a very specific time…and it took me a bit to get it. Perhaps that is something you could share in the future? Again….thanks!

  19. great stuff

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