How to play Reggae – beginners bass lesson – Bob Marley
I was requested to upload a tutorial of Burnin and Lootin by the late great Bob Marley. Fantastic bass line! Getting the feel right is everything when it comes to reggae.


  1. I loved it. New bass player. Learned it tonight. I'll keep practicing it until i can play it clean

  2. Have looked everywhere for someone that has covered, or is willing to cover, UB40’s Silent Witness. Just give it some consideration?

  3. I'm definitely not a beginner, I just like to watch these for fun (: You have great tone. Can't tell you how many reggae tutorials have their mids turned up too high xD

  4. Very nice.

  5. Gerald Blindeling


  6. Hi, i love how you play that bass can you write this song notes for me thx.

  7. Super, j'adore !!! 🙂

  8. you are great

  9. How did you achieve that low Bass tone on the Marcus miller ? I have the same Bass but it doesn't sound anything like that. Please enlighten me about your tuning, settings, etc.

  10. The warmth of the tone, beautiful.

  11. how do you make it sound so deep?

  12. Rumors from Gregory.

  13. I would like to learn something from Gregory Isaac or some thing from Peter Tosh.

  14. Tiana Perez Fullam

    I LOVE THE BASS LINE!!! I am ONE STEP in being the best bass player!! Thanks…

  15. Hi, it's a very deep bass sound, I like that. What kind of strings do you use?

  16. How to play reggae: leave your strings at least for 8 months on your bass. Finish.

  17. Thanks for the lesson, this is one of the best reggae lesson that I have come across.
    keep up the go work and please do more reggae lessons.
    Jah Bless

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