How to Play Return to Sender by Elvis Presley – Acoustic Guitar Lesson

In this video you will quickly learn how to play Return to Sender by Elvis Presley. Looking for more guitar help? Head on over to today.

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Thanks for stopping by today and checking out this guitar lesson. Return to Sender by Elvis Presley is a great song to practice and learn. Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. Please shave……you would look 100 times better… have an electric shaver !

  2. I like to see you play thru the song first……then explain how to play it…..thanks

  3. Great lesson!!

  4. I understand your teacher lot of songs but if your teaching this song, know it so you could teach us the song

  5. its slender, great lesson thanks man

  6. its slender, great lesson thanks man

  7. got any suggestions on an acoustic guitar under a grand?

  8. Hello Andreas. Thank you for great vidéos. You are good. Very gold.And I like very much your guitar. I think it's a Gibson. But I Cannot find the reference. Can you help me and tell wich model it is?Thank you very much.

  9. Hey there rockstars!! Check out my free online course at:

  10. I thought all elvis songs had the elvis chord in them 🙂

  11. Thanks so much for the Tutorials. Just a friendly reminder. Girls also play guitar. I like to sing and play so its a little weird singing about girl, since I am one. Thanks again.

  12. Another killer great lesson .. many thanks.  BTW … I see that Gibson J200 and I yearn for it.  It not only sounds fabulous … but I think it is the coolest looking guitar ever made.  All ears if you have anything to add about it … like how long you had it, and how much you like it … like a review of sorts. Iffin ya feel like saying a few words about it.  I love this song, brings back cool memories of being a teen and trying to emulate Elvis .. and hearing this song as I had crushes on one gal and then another.  Hey, If you could only keep one guitar  … would that be the one ?

  13. I will tell mic and the boys, but keith can only play 2 finger chords now.

  14. JJ Cales – I got the same old blues Pleaasssee

  15. Very nice Sir, and thank YOU!~~John

  16. love it – I always enjoy watching you play the Jumbo!

  17. GS awesome, more Elvis and Johnny Cash please

  18. Awesome! Wanted to learn this! Thanks

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