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An electric guitar lesson on how to play ”Revolution by The Beatles released in 1968.
I had sort of forgotten about this song until recently when I saw the “David Frost” performance video that was issued on the Beatles Youtube channel. I was blown away after watching that and inspired to make this video. Even though it’s not 100% live (they’re singing live to a pre-recorded track), you can see just what a great band they were. Putting aside the creativity, writing ability etc., which was of course, off the charts, I mean those guys were just a great rock and roll band!
Revolution is a fairly simple tune, but there are 3 or 4 parts that many people don’t play properly, the intro, the turnaround lick on the E chord, and the ending come to mind! Once you learn the proper way to play these parts, you’ll notice right away what a difference it makes!
John was a fantastic rhythm guitarist, very under rated IMHO and of course George always seems to play the exact right thing, also a highly under rated guitarist, as well as being maybe the best slide player in the business at the time.

I had a gas putting this video together! It’s really fun to play this great song! I hope you enjoy the video.

I get a lot of questions about my sound so here’s what I’m using:
My guitar is a 1975 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe. I have Suhr Aldrich pickups on it. I have them coil split, but for this video they were in full humbucker mode.
My amp is an Egnater Renegade head. I am using a Two Notes Torpedo Live. It’s a load box and a speaker emulator so I’m not running the Marshall 1960b speaker cabinet anymore. It enables you to crank up your tube amp but use headphones, or just listen at low volume through your monitors, so I can be rocking out and getting a great sound without bothering people around me. So far I like it!
I use a TC Electronics Nova System through the loop for effects. I also have a BB preamp which I essentially never use anymore, and sometimes (rarely) a Boss CS-3 compressor. The reverb is from the amp. My wah is a Dunlop MC404 CAE Dual Inductor, REALLY great pedal! I also use a Polytune tuner which is fantastic.

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  1. Russ “AxeSlinger” Smith

    Thanks for "showing" us how to play another great tune! You are keeping us lazy by working out all the details and not testing our patience, like some do, by spending half the lesson teaching basic chords and scales. Who could ask for more?

  2. здорово играет мой друг. Продолжайте хорошую работу. Вы можете проверить мою кавер на песню на моем канале и посмотреть, если вам это нравится?

  3. love to see you play some oldies,Orbison,Holly..etc

  4. All your lessons are first class! I've been playing guitar for many years but continue to learn something new each & every time from you. Some of the tunes we play live and your lessons really help to nail the parts. Great work & extremely professional.
    Any chance you may consider a lesson on "Still the One" by Orleans in the future? Regards, Eric

  5. Amazing video. I am a total die hard Beatle fanatic this video really made my day. I've always loved the gnarly sound of their guitars. I've never seen anyone play this song completely correct before. Bravo! I saw this band called Classic Albums Live perform the entire Abbey Road album note for note with like 10 musicians this song was one of the encores. They played it with capos on the first fret to play in Bb. BTW, Nicky Hopkins performance is fantastic on this song, great bluesy electric piano licks during the solo and at the end. He also played on George Harrison's first two albums and John Lennon's Imagine album. Two great examples of his piano chops is on How Do You Sleep by John Lennon (also an awesome slide solo from George) and The Light That Has Lighted The World (another sick slide solo from George, my personal favorite). Anyway, your videos are absolutely fantastic. You should definitley give those two songs a listen. Can't wait for more

  6. Thanks again for a great lesson) you & a guy that goes by James James on utube are the best out there if you want to learn how to play a tune correctly. Have you seen any of his stuff ? Thanks

  7. Сергей Филипенко

    Отпад башки!!! БРАВИССИМО!!!

  8. The_Philosopher_King

    You get excellent tone. I would be interested if you took a second and showed what effects and amp you are using in these videos and a view of the knobs. I know it may not be the same settings that will work for me but it is a valid starting point.

    But like I said you get great tone. Only one I know that may be better is Tim Pierce. But he is a pro surrounded by enough equipment to be worth as much as my house. So great work and thanks for the vids they do inspire. I threw you something thru paypal in thanks.

  9. I been hoping you would do this one because I knew if you did, it would be dead on and it is just like all of your songs are. Thanks and Thanks for all the other great songs you have done in the past.

  10. Александр Уильямо

    you can record how you trening?

  11. Thanks for reminding us how badass some of the old stuff really is.

  12. Watch these every time you post but don't think I've commented before. Pretty mind blowing how well you dissect all the parts. Not to mention your playing skill. Thanks much this is a huge amount of work. You must play in a great cover band would you mind sharing the name so we can see you in action?

  13. Just awesome, thank you.

  14. Great as always, I like to play it where you are, it has more grunt to the tune, I have used a caypo as well on the second fret, you still play it the same but it is not as good, and as always you have  shown me lot of other parts I did not know Thanks

  15. Simple, yet complex. Ah, the Beatles.

  16. Dang!!! What precision!!

  17. MaritimeHunter

    Any way you could do some Joel Plaskett, specifically Lightening Bolt. Maybe some Matt Mays too? Two great rock/indie rock artists out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

  18. WorshipGuitarPlayer

    just shows the genius of the beatles. ..

  19. Nice one
    Excellent performance and demonstration

  20. another master class super

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