how to play “Riff Raff” by AC/DC – guitar lesson rhythm

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An electric guitar lesson on how to play Riff Raff by AC/DC from the Powerage album released in 1978.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm.html

  2. Hi, thanks for the great tutorial. Do you mind telling me what gauge strings you are using on this video?

    Also, it's remarkable how clean (relatively speaking :)), the AC/DC sound is, one associates 'Heavy Metal', with an effects pedal 'Heavy' sound (forgive the pun). But in the case of AC/DC, less is more, the sound comes from the fingers playing the strings. These guys are 'Tight'!! With a capital 'T'!!!

  3. rock'n'roll machine

    One of the most hard riff of AC/DC but I done it!

  4. The tip about the finger pressure has revolutionised the way that riff now sounds. Many thanks buddy

  5. Excellent reminder of the effect of too much finger pressure on those lower frets, and why heavier gauge strings are sometimes preferred. I really appreciate your attention to those kinds of nuances, and your sharing of that info. Thanks! Oh yeah- great song/riff, too!

  6. Awesome video thanks a lot. They are an amazing band.

  7. can you make a solo lesson

  8. Thanks! I really wanted to learn this. I need some practice though

  9. That lick is my dream to learn

  10. not so difficult of a song but a little tricky just take it slow until you get used to it. Awesome song! AC/DC rocks!!!

  11. Whenever I listen to the original I always hear a hint of a D 2nd fret (E) before the A 3rd fret (C). It could come from the A chord although I'm not sure…

  12. dewd! what a great video!!! thanks! i love your delivery, and candor ! so good.

  13. Powerage rules! Kick ass rock n roll! Great tutorial….and thanks for giving ACDC their props!

  14. So cool. You are such an awesome player and teacher. Many thanks as always!

  15. Hey man, I really appreciate what you are doing and love your guitar tutorials. Would it be too much to request one that means a lot to me? If you could get back to me, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much and love your work! Keep rocking!

  16. thank you for your good tuto.

  17. Good job thanks

  18. noooooooo can't play riff raff unless it's on an SG :-)

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