How to Play “Ring of Fire” by Johnny Cash (Easy Acoustic)

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Hey guys, Marty here again from the only thing I do now “MartyMusic” 🙂
Here’s a freshie lesson on “Ring of Fire” by the iconic Johnny Cash! It’s 3 easy chords for the whole song. In this guitar lesson, I start basic and than dive down the “Johnny Cash” rhythm rabbit hole!

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  1. Thanks so much for supporting "MartyMusic"! Also FREE courses at

  2. Liam Dominic Fanning

    Hey, Marty, this is great, thanks a lot! I've been trying to learn Blues Traveler's 'The Mountains Win Again.' Do you think you could do that song? I'm a huge BT fan, the old video on 'Run-around' is how I found your channel in the first place, which is the best teaching tool I've encountered on YouTube. Thanks!

  3. Awesome!! Love your lessons. I have been searching your vids for Steve Earle Guitar Town…Can't find it. Can you break it down for us?

  4. Do St. Jimmy by Green Day,pls,also great work

  5. CMGames Productions

    Puff the magic dragon

  6. Magmagod Acardium

    what guitar are u using? the model

  7. Rupam Chakraborty
    Mr. Marty can you make a tutorial on this song rhythm. Thias ia a aong from India

  8. Gravity by John Mayer plz

  9. Please do Beer For My Horses by Toby Keith and Willie Nelson

  10. The Pluto Lounge

    Hey Marty! Can you do Tamia – So Into You?
    It's the song that started my love for the acoustic sound (even though it w created digitally…).

  11. Thank you so much Marty!  Love this lesson!! Could you put Merle Haggard on your list of "to do" lessons – Mama Tried or Sing Me Back Home – Red Bandana – or ANYTHING MERLE!Thank you so much – I bought my first guitar in January and YOU have been my instructor.  I have watched other instructors but they DO NOT compare.

  12. The Skinny Jeans

    @martymusic please do Seether "save today"

  13. Laurynas Kiškis

    Marty, please, could you make a proper tutorial on amazing Irish drinking song 'Mountain Dew' by The Clancy Brothers with Tommy Makem –

  14. Can you please do the arctic monkeys do I wanna know
    By the way love your videos

  15. GunzBlaznAmazn !

    Please teach us P.O.D’s “Alive”!!!! Every YouTube version thus far isn’t thorough enough to figure out!! Nobody teaches like u Marty!!!

  16. Hi Marty,
    Firstly. i'm a big fan of your guitar lessons. You taught me, how to play the guitar, and for the first time i want to ask for a guitar lesson. Could you do the People are strange by the doors?
    I would really appreciate that! Thanks all of your work!
    P.S.: Sorry for my mistakes. My first language isn't english. Keep up the good work 🙂

  17. Hey man, thanks for your thang. Your instruction on the land of A7 and the land of E7 have been a blast to goof off in . I'm wondering if there is a land of D7 Marty style?

  18. Buddy…….I get boner watching you jam…….And I'm not even gay!

  19. Hey Marty, love the videos, they've helped me tremendously in practicing guitar!! Without them I doubt I would have progressed as far as I have. Would love to see some Marty Robbins like Singing the Blues or The Master's Call from another Marty!

  20. Thank you Marty, I’ve picked up a lot of songs on the guitar thanks to you. If you ever have the chance, can you do “Gimme all your love” by the Alabama Shakes?

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