How to Play Roadhouse Blues by The Doors – Guitar Lesson

Here’s a very detailed guitar lesson on how to play Roadhouse Blues by The Doors. Thanks for watching! Hope you enjoy this one! For more help with guitar visit today.

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Thank you for stopping by today and watching this video. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to play Roadhouse Blues by The Doors. I enjoyed teaching this guitar lesson to you guys!

See you in another video soon!

Keep up the practice.


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  1. Great Song! Great playing, Thanks my man!!!

  2. Porfirio Moreno

    I bought the ultimate guitar tabs on the tab link you put but the tabs were crap

  3. Thank you, you rock

  4. The link connects to Ultimate Guitar's tabs, which don't give much at all by way of tablature. Would you have any other source of detailed tabs for Roadhouse Blues?

  5. Im a freaking cat so like MEOW n sh%t

    CONGRATS! This is the CLOSEST tutorial in terms of note value and especially TONE to Robby's style….HOWEVER, since Robby NEVER played with a pick, he used that 12/8 shuffle (or 66% swing for you drum machine types) as he played, making the blues really come alive in his hands, but props to you for getting it as close as possible. I would recommend listening to (I'm talking to your viewers and readers) Lightnin' Hopkins, Blind Willie McTell, John Lee Hooker, Pink Anderson, Son House, and other influential blues musicians in order to get that FULL 'swingin' sound of roots music, which came from gospel, western, Irish folk songs, field hollars, and other influences, but Reverend Gary Davis and RL Burnside are probably my faves for this style, but I was able to pick up a few corrections of my own playing from this vid, so I give it a thumbs UP, and Im a cat, so what I say goes.

  6. Great song, Erich…but you know that lick you said we'd need the tab for – to study because it would take awhile to get down? I NEED IT! The link goes nowhere. Can you fix!?

  7. great detailed lesson!

  8. Great lesson great sound !!

  9. Michael Modugno

    you suck

  10. the tab isnt available anymore

  11. João Carvalho

    the link to the tab is down!! pls fix it

  12. I'd like to see you playing with the band

  13. I'd like to playing with the band

  14. Very cool and hip demo
    Enjoyed it!!

  15. badass! merry Christmas and Happy new year!

  16. Mick Pratchett

    Many thanks my friend….it was very instructive..

  17. Royce Freeburn

    Thanks for this lesson! Great song, and by the way, killer tone!

  18. What a great cover ! The guitarist is definitely badass.

  19. Timothy Powers

    Your great and you've got a great sense of humor too . thanks so much

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