How To Play "Rock And Roll" by Led Zeppelin (Full Electric Guitar Lesson)

How To Play "Rock And Roll" by Led Zeppelin (Full Electric Guitar Lesson)

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How To Play “Rock And Roll” by Led Zeppelin (Full Electric Guitar Tutorial)

Hey guys!

YUP. It’s a BIG one!

Thanks to everyone who’s watched my cover of this recently. It’s Just topped 1000 views already which is wicked!
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As a treat, I’ve stuck the whole thing together in one giant video for you. Remember, TABS and BACKING TRACKS are available here: ►Patreon: I would appreciate the support!

Have fun!



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  1. Main Riff Example – 1:28
    Main Riff Double Stops – 6:13
    Verse Example – 9:19
    Additional Riffs Example – 15:41
    Solo Example – 19:16

  2. FaroFino Astronauta

    Thanks for the tips bro!GJ +subscrib+like GJGJGJ


  4. Really enjoy your lessons, as a beginner there quite easy to follow , BUT even though your a great guitarist and I love to watch your tube vids, PLEASE can you do more teaching videos PLEASE !

  5. Yes it is your baby, thanks for letting us play with the kiddo. Great lesson, more Zeppelin

  6. Finally somebody who gets it, somebody who actually knows how to give a lesson a full lesson at that

  7. très bien expliqué au niveau des coups de médiator merci

  8. That was a great lesson. I really like your teaching method. Many thanks.

  9. Freakin "A" man! All the details just make it. It's not just a lesson, it's inspiration. Thanks alot.
    Never enough Zeppelin.
    A lesson on Ronnie Montrose, Rock Candy, perhaps? Your channel, whatever you want. Haha.

  10. Top notch. How about God gave rock n roll to you (the kiss version) seeing as Kiss are on their final tour? No good tabs lessons anywhere at the moment.

  11. Your face pulls are priceless Sped! Haha. Love it! Great lesson! Thank you!

  12. Tab???????

  13. VERY FUNNY… Ha ha ha

  14. best lesson ever on this song! your version of the solo is awesome! it's 2 weeks i'm on it, and soon or later i will play it right. thank you Sped!

  15. Can I talk a little about the LP you've got there? Gorgeous, back when Standards used to be spectacular.

  16. Thanks for these lessons

  17. I'm with you, solos should be your solos…keep a few licks from the original and the rest is you! best policy 🙂

  18. Your lessons are always fantastic. thanks for sharing with us

  19. yeah!!!! thanks!!!

  20. Robert M. Johnson

    really good lesson. you should have more views, br'. and thank you for having a proper accent.

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