How to Play Rock Guitar Licks For Beginners (Fast) – Guitar Lesson – JustinGuitar [RO-003]

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Justin’s Completely Free, Rock Guitar Lessons. This is Lesson RH-003. Lesson 3.

This was the first ever fast rock lick that I learned as kid beginner getting into metal. It is a very versatile little lick and here I show you a few variations on it so you can get stuck in 🙂

Picking should be down on the first note and then up for the next picked note. so it goes… down pick, hammer, flick, up pick on the next string! Sorry I forgot to mention it in the vid… I ran out of time.

Equipment – Red 80’s Fender Strat – using bridge pickup (a Seymour Duncan Cool Stack) into a Keeley modified Blues Driver pedal into a Mesa Boogie 5:25.

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  1. Thanks

  2. So you hold 2 strings down?

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  4. U r great person

  5. Damn I suck I’ll never be able to do crazy solos like dimebag or Eddie.

  6. 1:27 : Mr Crowley style when do do it over the scale.

  7. Does anyone have the tab mentioned at 5.36 please?

  8. anything anymore anyways

    ahhh…. 240p…

  9. Hammer on the string? Its like in every beginners video i watch, theres something not being explained….

  10. your girlfriend/wife must really love your left hand

  11. Same guitar dude

  12. seems impossible to do

  13. Good lesson. Thanks.

  14. Dwayne Rocks Guitar

    Great video Justin. Really helpful for beginners. Thanks for the lesson

  15. thanks B…

  16. osvaldo fernandez

    Help:p My hammer downs' and hammer ups' restrain the sound from being emitted.

  17. Adam Hidayatullah

    cool man! If I can do that, I'll be a rock star! thanks man!

  18. Adam Hidayatullah

    cool man! If I can do that, I'll be a rock star! thanks man!

  19. Adam Hidayatullah

    cool man! If I can do that, I'll be a rock star! thanks man!

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