How to play Rock n Roll by Led Zeppelin – Rock Guitar Lesson Tutorial

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: How to play Rock n Roll by Led Zeppelin
More info:
In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn the all time classic, Rock n Roll by Led Zeppelin. See the web site for more info and help (especially on the intro!)Lesson ID ST-374.

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  1. Mark Doney-Mccloud

    How about Achilies Last Stand, can never really get that arpeggio at the intro right, any ideas?

  2. Mark Doney-Mccloud

    Oh yeah, that's the spot, we all need a bit of zepp' in our lives, nice one Justin

  3. Justin, damn you're good!

  4. JUSTIN, I can remember when you were just a kid on Youtube. You are the best Musical Teacher on youtube! BY THE WAY, Did you know that Charles Darwin was Born on the say day as Abraham Lincoln, Dropped out of Medical School & didn't coin the phase "Survival Of the Fittest" ? (That was Philosopher Herbert Spenser) Cheers Mate.

  5. Justin what is this guitar? Squier?

  6. Listening to just the guitar shows how much John Bonham did for that band!

  7. Many thanks Justin for this lesson. If you can't decide on what song to do next perhaps try the live solo of Stairway to Heaven (The song remains the same). Much more fulfilling than the original and I'm sure you'll have fun making a lesson on this. Oh, and it would please a lot of Zeppelin fans like myself (:

  8. The rhythm always gave me trouble but your 2 min breakdown of the rhythm was so eye opening I feel silly I didn't figure it out earlier. Can't wait to jam this song now!


  10. you rock man!

  11. Great lesson, as always. I hope you make a video for Bring it on Home for your next Zeppelin lesson.

  12. Rockin it !!! 🙂 ….. don't seem to see as much from you these days, have the 'lives' all stopped ?

  13. Love led Zeppelin love you, just a shame I couldn't bring my guitar on holiday!

  14. Great job Justin! Where a bouts did you live when in Aus? I live in Port Macquarie, NSW

  15. Vicente de Andrade

    Awesome song! Please teach ZZ Top Tube Snake Boogie

  16. Great Song Justin! Would you play it clean or suggest some Palm muting or light left-hand muting while playing these riffs?

  17. thank you justin, great job

  18. Austin Vavrovics

    I would love some ZZ Top – Tube Snake Boogie

  19. Great tone!

  20. That intro was one of the better one's I have seen. You have been doing some great work lately. This week With Pat Bena tar. ##

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