How to Play Roundabout on Bass – Part 1

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This is part one of the lessons on ‘Roundabout’ by Yes. Chris Squire created a difficult but rewarding bass line for this classic prog rock tune. Learn how to play Roundabout on bass guitar in this Center Stage Bass Academy lesson


  1. Great guy great teacher

  2. He played with a pick RIP

  3. EFECT pedal ??? Or configuration

  4. Chris squire did not use a pick…He used the corner of his finger nail

  5. So basically in the song they do A2 A3 D D2 super fast right?

  6. Will E. Fisturgash

    I don’t find Roundabout to be that difficult to play. I think the fast part in Long distance runaround is much more challenging.

  7. Bennett Schwarting

    Can some one help me I can't even get close to playing this

  8. Chris plays it with the pick closer to the bridge.

  9. un manco del fornite

    Is that a jojo's reference ( but isn't a bass is me DIO)

  10. the zig-zag picking on the A string is still impossible to me…. @__@

  11. Massimo Genovesi


  12. Space Emo Cosplay

    Heart of the Sunrise's opening riff is the easiest to learn, Roundabout has been the other I've been wanting to do as well, this really helps

  13. good sound bass

  14. thank you, and you rock

  15. seeing the pick up/down strokes has really helped-thanks!
    That ghost note btween the hammer on to B and the open D is a killer to get right

  16. If its a multipart video? why not put a to be continued transition at the end.

  17. This is super helpful! Roundabout has got to be the most difficult bass line I've ever tried to play and I love how you break it down little by little. One thing I was surprised you didn't mention, though, was how Chris used the thumb on his left hand to hit the F sharp on that "main riff." I tried it and it really is easier than trying to use the index or middle finger. Thanks again for these awesome lessons.

  18. I've been wanting to play this song for ages! Thank you for the videos!

  19. Thanks for the vid

  20. Francivan Dos Santos

    Great! Thanks

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