How to play Royal Blood – Little Monster on electric guitar

How to play Royal Blood - Little Monster on electric guitar

How to play Royal Blood – Little Monster on electric guitar.
Lesson for my guitar cover on this song


How to play Royal Blood – Little Monster on electric guitar:
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  1. Марк Антонин

    there's should be triplet feel, bro! edit your tab!

  2. could you do a tutorial of Lights out also ?, very nice video btw

  3. Thank you very much Mikhail Zolotarev!!!

  4. That was easier than I thought! I was wondering how hard this would be to play and well it's only the solo part that needs a little practice
    Great tutorial and very helpful THANK YOU!

  5. awesome, im a new electric guitar player and this taught me pretty well, good job great vid!

  6. what is the tunning please ?

  7. is that a gibson faded?

  8. Здорова ! Табы в какой программе прописывал ?

  9. Hey! We're a new band out of LA and just started putting out weekly videos about 6 weeks ago. We do covers and originals and would really appreciate it if you check us out! Thanks!

  10. Sorry dude – this is wrong! Its in C standard tuning (google it). Not drop C tuning.
    Watch ROYAL BLOOD play it live, he is pulling off from fret 2 to open, on the 'G' string.
    It'll make sense once you try it. Good lesson and everything, but seriously needs correcting!!!

  11. Thanks mann really helpful

  12. Absolutely amazing!

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  14. thanks for sharing this man

  15. Nice guitar i got the same

  16. What effects do you use?

  17. dontpanicitsorganic

    this was extremely helpful since i dont got a bass , great job dude!

  18. What strings do you use?

  19. I am a beginner at guitar, I have put this on my favourites list to learn when I hopefully am good enough

  20. Great lesson easy to follow,let your guitar do the talking

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