How to play Rumba – Guitar Lesson No1 ✔

How to play Rumba – Guitar Lesson No1
This is my very first guitar lesson on the rumba technique. I made a series of this and also about other flamenco things. Enjoy 🙂

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  1. syrian castel -

    i love you and your guitar playing

  2. Kathleen Cabot

    Thank you so much-I love your playing!

  3. Hello miss you have beautiful smile..please teach your ending fastest strumming pattern by thumb..

  4. Health Formula

    i love u sweet baby

  5. Can I use open chords??

  6. Messy room messy mind

  7. You play well but you should show slowly and demo how the fingers strike on the strings as well !

  8. 2007!! ЧТО

  9. James Schreffler

    Bravo, I fell in love with you The first moment I saw you.

  10. Nice lecture

  11. E major طالعة من بقك زي العسل يا ولية اي مايور

  12. Very nice يا ولية

  13. 2:32 she knows she is fucking awesome

  14. 2018? lol

  15. Dorein Paul Emmanuel

    0:330:50 dopamine just got released in my brain! wow, what is this? how can you do it like that?

  16. Dorein Paul Emmanuel

    where are you from maam

  17. los rumba gatos

    Oleeee esa rumba catalanaaaa……..y esa cadencia andaluza

  18. Great lesson thanks

  19. You are my remote teacher! I had learned a lots from you without your notice!

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