How to play SAMBA PA TI from SANTANA – Electric Guitar GUITAR LESSON





Ibanez S770PB:
POD HD 500:
Fender Frontman 212R:
Boss DD3 Delay:







  1. You're very good man, and this is a very good tutorial… thank you so much I hope i can help anyone same way you help to me.

  2. jose villanueva

    well done .
    You helped me understand more SAMBA PA TI

  3. I started learning Samba Pa Ti with Marty (/user/martyzsongs) which is a good start, but he doesn't do the whole song. Then I followed Ryan Newton's multiple-part tutorial. Pretty good, though kind of disorganized.
    This video from Tutarras Guitar Tutorials is by far the BEST. You provided the tabs on screen during the tutorial, plus the whole tab sheet on a separate link. What more could we ask for? Excellent!!

  4. tHANK YO VERY much!

  5. Musical Mahesh

    Being on internet I cannot give you any award but I can imagine how much hardwork you hav done to make such a a great presentation for viewers, hope to see many more from you, very nice..!! Subscribed You.
    Please also Do Subscribe me if you like my originally composed song "Sang Tere", Valentine Special.. with Regards

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