How to Play "Santeria" by Sublime on Guitar – Guitar Lesson

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  1. Can someone please make a good SPANISH Version of this song? I've had that idea for years but I don't create music

  2. Please kayleigh

  3. I don't know of I'm the only one, but can you do a tutorial on 'Nobody's Fool' by Cinderella??

  4. Do more from dookie album

  5. wasi gupito budiarto

    yeah another 90s song with guitar guide, thanks marty!

  6. Can you teach us eruption by Eddie van halen

  7. Hey Marty!!….sweet channel…..Could you do a lesson for the lead parts of the intro to "Can't You See", including the main solo?……can't find that anywhere on youtube, I think YOU should be the 1st!!

  8. Please, Gangsta´s Paradise!!

  9. Actually it's weird to realize: there are many guitar teachers out there, some with many students and some with only a handful of students. But this man has 1.2MILLION students at the moment I write this comment!! Keep on going!

  10. Can you do a pov of what you see?
    I feel it would help

  11. Nice tutorial thanks for great explanation of the chord shapes.

  12. thepsychoticmushroom

    Is this in standard tuning?

  13. TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    Can you do one for Limelight by Rush?

  14. So weird I was thinking yesterday how much I wanted to learn this song and thought "I'll have to check Marty music!" Long and behold! Thanks Marty!

  15. Beetleblaster 591

    You should do mamma mia the electric guitar version with the solos

  16. Sean Armoudikian

    Can you please do a lesson on it’s too late by Derek and the dominos including the solo

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