How to play Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes – Guitar Lesson Tutorial (BS-824)

How to play Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes - Guitar Lesson Tutorial (BS-824)

Guitar Lesson Tutorial: How to play Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes
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In this guitar lesson tutorial we’re going to learn How to play Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. Lesson ID BS-824.

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  1. Justin Anderson

    lol im trying to learn this playing the same guitar

  2. I play it 7,7,10,
    then on the note closest to you

  3. At one point in the video you said that for the E power chord you use the strigs A , D and G ( you did not say it that way ) . I know that you can only use the first two strings of the cord , witch for that cord are A and D . I mean , let's use the C power chord as an example . If you use only the first two strings A and D , the notes you get are C and G , witch are the first and fifth note of the C major scale , that's why , for our example , the C power chord is also called C5 . I mean , it doesn't really make a difrence when you use a distorse , but if you have a concert when you sing many songs with only bar chords and power chords , your fingers can get tired , so using only two fingers for the power chord can make all that way easier . I know I might have a lot of mistakes , but englisch is not my native language and I am too lazy to look for a mistake in this huge comment .

  4. Coolbeardygaming

    Do a tutorial on wake me up when September ends

  5. Альсат Бисембин

    thank u for great lessons!;)

  6. You're amazing

  7. Love you Justin, but I absolutely hate lessons like this that teach the song different than how it was recorded.

  8. Hadn't you made one of these years ago?

  9. 6:30 – Is the second last string muted using the pinky?

  10. I sometimes wonder if your neighbours get irritated when you play those power chords

  11. Will York Music

    This song is so easy that a snake with cancer could play it


  13. it's so easy, even the white stripes can play it

  14. Weekly sesh TV

    What pedal did you use ?

  15. Gabriel Medarić

    Can u please do knocking on heavens door


  17. Didn't you do this tutorial a long time ago?

  18. Mark Dela Rosa T.

    Which guitar are you using justin ?✌

  19. Cheers !

  20. Hi Justin
    Great lesson, again. Why do you have the logo on your guitar covered?

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