how to play "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top – guitar lesson

how to play "Sharp Dressed Man" by ZZ Top - guitar lesson

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For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm.html

A guitar lesson on how to play “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZTop.



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  1. Shutup & Play - guitar tutorials

    For more information on this lesson go here:–rhythm.html

  2. Great playing and insights!!!

  3. What amp settings do you use

  4. Best lessons on the tube.

  5. Captain Charisma

    Yeah thats it!!!! Nuance is everything by god … 00:42 I start hip thrusting uncontrollably am I correct in my assumptions???

  6. I can’t believe anybody would dislike these videos. This is perfect guitar instruction for free . I mean come on It don’t get no better than this if you want to learn these songs the way the were recorded

  7. Nice lesson! Does your Lester have the original pickups in it ?

  8. You are a very good guitar player. And you make it look so easy until I do it. Then there is some work in it for me. But I will get it. Thank you. I learned Rebel Rebel from you as well. Keep up the great stuff.You have a new guitar friend in me.Thanks again.

  9. Great vid mate thanks heaps!

  10. Kimberly Jimenez

    What do you mean by stucattle?? I hope I spelled it right!! Haha

  11. You nailed another one! Great lesson.

  12. So killer!

  13. How about all the solos?

  14. Are you really not using an overdrive pedal on this?

  15. Dead On Excellent Lesson! Thanks so much for this!

  16. I use the octave of the C on the D string instead of thumbing the low E string. It seems to work and nobody has said you are playing it wrong. I never looked up tabs and figured it was correct. Great lesson.Sounds really good.

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