How to Play – She Talks to Angels by The Black Crowes – Guitar Lesson – Tutorial – Acoustic


Been re-visiting my Black Crowes music and remembering the stylings of this classic tune!! It’s in “Open E” tuning which is EBEG#BE thx for the support!!!

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How to play she talks to angels by the black crowes


  1. Thank you.

  2. Just fantastic thank you so much, easy teaching was playing it in 20 min along with the mtv jam. Star m8

  3. Great teacher man. I got it down now. Thank you for all you've done for people.

  4. I'm not getting this tuning thing right…figured the e has to be a high e…and the g is sharped and it sounds terrible..doing it by ear of course.. any suggestions…???

  5. Thank you. I've been strumming for years, jyst gaining rhythm but not knowing any songs. Your video got me going much quicker thanI thought possible. Keep up the great work.

  6. Nice job. A little tip for players; Don't ever work on a frickin farm. You won't have any energy to practice. Just hit the beer and the day is over. Oh well. Rock on anyways. Right Jackson Angel

  7. Excellent Marty, Really cool song.

  8. This helped a lot, it only took me maybe an hour and I just started playing guitar again

  9. I am a 52 year old guy that always wanted to learn guitar, never could seem to find the time, raising two boys on my own, time was a rare thing…thank you so much for making this finally happen, you are a great teacher and make things so very easy to absorb…thank you for helping me achieve a life long dream, you ARE the man!

  10. I know now how to play one song on the guitar thanks to you. Never played before and for Christmas my daughter got one of those discovery guitars, which I'm practicing on, and if it sounds great on this thing, I can't imagine an actual guitar. Thanks man.

  11. fawndelight waterfield

    Thank you Marty, I play a baritone uke and tenor guitar. Your lessons are made for me! I've upped my game light years since I found your tutorials. Thank you x 3.

  12. Marty, I don't usually write, I'm a 65 yr. old and have always wanted to play. Now I have a rare disease and use the guitar (cheaply) for therapy. You are the only teacher I use, simply because you are a master at it! I love this song because it makes my guitar sound real good! I would never have stuck to it if not for your videos, hence I would never be able to use my hands ( what an improvement). Thanks for everything Marty, really appreciate it!!!

  13. Marty, a while i almost sold my guitar. For some reason i had lost the passion for it. Almost by chance i came across one of your vids and i felt compelled to re-string my guitar and start playing again.
    I can't believe i nearly gave it up. Thanx for bringing the joy back man! Greetz from the Netherlands.

  14. I learned this the first 3 times from martyzsongs;) Thanks learning again lol.

  15. I'm so glad I came here first. I had no idea this song was in "Open E" tuning.

  16. my g string won't quit breaking I've even tried elixer strings and paradigm still breaks I even had someone check to see if i had a burr in the machine heads please help

  17. Nice tutorial man!

  18. awesome thank you for showing me such a great tune will enjoy playing this for a lifetime

  19. great classic tune Marty. thank you. i have been racking my brain trying to break down the mini moog intro to "never been any reason " by head east and try to do it on guitar! any thoughts from you guys at guitar jamz?

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